Maybe we should leave Mars alone.

“Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!”

Here is a sampling of headlines from the utopia that is planet Earth on May 10th, 2021:

  • Colorado Springs gunman kills 7 people at a birthday party.

That’s just a sample. That’s how we’re doing with our problems on Planet Earth.

And that doesn’t even address climate change.

In this article the argument is made that we should lean on and trust science in order to save the human race and that means… colonizing Mars.

So we can save humans.

Maybe we don’t deserve to…

The shuttle isn’t the only thing with a few holes.

In an attempt to become a better writer I’ve decided to do reviews of everything I watch in the hope of improving my skills and better understand the little things that make writers succeed.

Last night after watching the Oscars I opted for Netflix’s latest space drama/thriller, Stowaway.

There is a lot here to enjoy. Fans of Gravity and Apollo 13 will no doubt draw comparisons to the plight of another space crew in jeopardy. Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson give wonderful performances.

However, my biggest issue with the film happens during the introduction of…

The Get a Job Blog

In this week’s Get a Job Blog we’re taking a look at Thank You Notes.

Yesterday I had a very strange thing happen. I had an interview with Salesforce. You know Salesforce. They’re the company that took a dump on the once pristine San Francisco skyline with their behemoth monstrosity of a building that now, due to COVID, is mostly empty!

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to see anyone out of work, but because Salesforce offers mostly software applications for companies they don’t really need anyone to be there in person anyway and they’re making so much money…

The new HBOMax doc may shine a light, but its subjects are a turn off.

Regardless of your opinions on the idea of having an ‘open relationship’ the new HBOMax doc, ‘There is no ‘I’ in Threesome’ is eye catching at first because it ventures into the world of a subject considered taboo by most.

Ollie, Zoe and friend.

With so much porn available there isn’t really a need to tune in for the sex, but rather for the intricacies of how one New Zealand couple, Ollie and Zoe Lucks, attempts to navigate their sexual journey of attempting to have an open marriage for the year leading up to their wedding date.

The film begins with a scene of…

A very belated and bittersweet goodbye to our friends in 4D.

LTTP Disclaimer: Like all of my Late to the Party reviews, this is a show that was on for a long time and for whatever reason I never saw it when it first aired and then COVID hit and I began to binge watch every show I could get my hands on.

Friendships end. That’s just life. You don’t realize it when you’re young, but as you get older you drift apart from people. Sometimes there is a good reason like, a high school friend who reveals at your reunion that they love what Trump’s done for the country. And…

2020 was challenging and inspiring. It was heart-breaking and joyous. It was both unique and utterly repetitive. And it was all of those things on both a global and a personal level.

I think of the Golden Gate Bridge in my adopted home of San Francisco.

At one moment the bridge was the site of normal rush hour traffic.

The next moment it was the site of a brave coyote venturing out further than usual because traffic had a ground to a halt as a result of COVID lockdowns.

Months later, in another moment that will be forever etched in…

It was too lazy to be brilliant or offensive.

Bill Burr, Saturday Night Live — October 10th, 2020

Bill Burr’s SNL monologue from this past weekend was one of those sets where, as it was unfolding, I knew Twitter would be in an uproar both for and against it.

To be honest, I’ve been more conflicted about it. I always liked Bill Burr. I liked most of his specials. I appreciated his honesty but, as a former comedian, I found this set to be more lazy than anything else.

Let’s break it down.

Joke 1 — ‘Take out your grandparents. Take out your weak cousin with asthma.’

Burr opened, as any comedian on an internationally televised show during…

The key to sounding busy when you’re incredibly available.

Welcome back Job Hunter!

In this latest installment, we’re talking about one of the questions most often asked by companies and recruiters during the early stages of the interview process when attempting to schedule the actual interview:

‘What does your schedule look like?’

First off, for those of you job hunting while you already have a job and scheduling conflicts that might actual inhibit your ability to interview for the role in question let me be the first to say, ‘Good for you!’

You’re the same kid who would ask the teacher if they meant to give us homework on…

Dear Interviewers, please stop asking us why we want to work for you and while we’re at it, drop these other infamous interview questions as well…

If I had to rank all of the interview questions I’ve been asked over the years I would say the most popular question, as well as, the most irritating is, without hesitation…

Why do you want this position?

It’s not always phrased that way. Sometimes it’s disguised as, ‘Why you?’ or ‘What is it about this role that interests you?’

It’s ridiculous. It misses the point. It sets a bad precedent for what you want out of your employees because you are asking them to lie to get the job because the reality is most of us are usually interviewing…

It is one of the most common interview questions posed to potential hires and here are five ways, including one good one!, on how to answer confidently, if not honestly…

Tell us about a time when things went wrong?
  1. Be the Hero! Begin to ramble about a time when something sucked, everyone around you was a liability, the working conditions were something out of Upton Sinclair, and the only salvation in the whole situation was your unique brain! You convinced everyone to stand back, give you a wide berth and, ‘THAT!, Mr. Interviewer, is how the Morristown Jamba Juice kept its doors open and customers satisfied. …

Matt Baetz


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